Aftermath Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Aftermath believes that our customers deserve the highest quality service – a large part of that is being treated with dignity and respect. Our goal is to relieve you of the emotional and physical burden of cleanup and return your home to a clean, sanitary state. Few companies follow the same rigorous safety and sanitation standards that are the heart of every Aftermath project. We stand by our services with our satisfaction guarantee.

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Aftermath Customer Reviews

Crew was excellent to work with and very professional. Would definitely call again and recommend to others.

December 5, 2014

I wanted to take a moment to bring to your attention the services provided by several of your employees.

We lost our son and Mike Grisenthwaite and Lindsay Moreno told my wife and I, at 3 a.m., what was involved in the cleanup process. Not only were my wife and I deeply in grief, but extremely tired. Those two young people treated us as if we were "family" and treated us with as much care and compassion as they could. It is hard to describe how those two people cared for us at the worst moment of our lives. They came back in several days to begin their work and brought along another of your employees, Zach Hafenreiter (sp). All three did a wonderful job.

As a former CEO, retired now, I know the value that employees can bring to any company. Aftermath was "faceless" to us, but Mike and Lindsay represented your company as well as you could require. As you know, our employees make us or break us, and you are fortunate to have these people.

All three of your employees should be commended.

Aurora, IL
November 15, 2014

The Aftermath team were exceptionally helpful and compassionate to my needs. They listened attentively to what I wanted and complied. I would only be to happy to recommend them to anyone who would ask for a referral. They were prompt and contacted us right away.

West Chester, PA
November 10, 2014

I would like to take this time to thank the people from AfterMath who helped me through a very trying time. The coordinator, Greg Moffat, went above and beyond what I expected from this service. He kept in constant contact with me and answered all of my calls 24/7. He was compassionate and very much in control of the whole process...I knew that if I needed anything, he would handle it. Ron and Megan worked so hard and did an excellent job. Megan was especially understanding of the emotional toll the whole process was taking on me and was able to ease my tensions. Again, I would like to thank the staff of AfterMath for making a difficult situation a little easier.

Pueblo, CO
November 9, 2014

Explanations were clear, concise, accurate to what they said they would do. They were very friendly ,courteous and thorough. Response time was sooner than expected. the clean up was quick and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone who has need for them!

McFall, MO
October 30, 2014

I am writing in regards to my recent experience with Aftermath and to extend my gratitude to you and your company. In this particular situation, I feel Justin Zito deserves personal recognition. When our facility was facing a viral outbreak, Aftermath and Justin, immediately responded to our emergency. Within four hours of placing our call, Justin had an entire Hazmat team on-site cleaning up. His team worked quickly and diligently to ensure our facility was safe and virus free in a reasonable amount of time.

Considering the troubling circumstances, we were pleased with the unwavering professionalism and continuous support Justin exhibited during the entire ordeal. Throughout the process he adhered to every request and provided thorough explanations of each step that had been and would be taken. Although comparable pricing was not an option for us, we were pleased with the service. More specifically we were satisfied with the timely fashion in which the outbreak was resolved and Justin's steady professionalism.

Louisville, KY
September 16, 2014