Aftermath Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Aftermath believes that our customers deserve the highest quality service – a large part of that is being treated with dignity and respect. Our goal is to relieve you of the emotional and physical burden of cleanup and return your home to a clean, sanitary state. Few companies follow the same rigorous safety and sanitation standards that are the heart of every Aftermath project. We stand by our services with our satisfaction guarantee.

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Aftermath Customer Reviews

First, I would like to thank you and your company for handling such a devastating situation for my family. I have never in my life thought that there was such a need. To have a company that would and could handle something of this nature.

Scranton, PA
August 4, 2014

I took the Safety Manager job in Feb. of this year, worked in the sheriff's office for years in UT and though heard about suicides all the time I was never on scene for one. Being my first experience with the process I am so pleased by what John and Cameron have done. They care, they are personable, this is not just a job for them this is showing the respect for the living and the deceased. The experience has been positive and has made it very easy on me going through the process from beginning to end. Though we pray this never happens again within our company he will be the one I call to help us again. Thank you for much for the excellence service that came with a good attitude and sense of humor that was so appreciated.

Belfield, ND
July 23, 2014

I cannot thank you enough for Jeff, Dakota, Steve and Liz. The roughest moment of my family's life, and they truly are the live savers in every sense of the word. You people are amazing. I could write books, but your space is too small. Thank you!!!!

July 16, 2014

The men who came to care for the room were very caring and understanding of what we were going through. They answered all our questions and offered to do all they could to make it easier on us all. We would recommend them to all family and friends.

July 2, 2014

The 3 Gentlemen that performed my job for me in one of the most horrible times of my life were the "BEST" especially Justin Zito. I could never thank them enough for the dignity that was given to the removal of my husbands bed which he passed away in. They treated myself & my family with the most respect. I could never thank them enough.

New York, NY
June 13, 2014

Thank you so very much for your services.

My Directors of Maintenance and Wellness both shared their satisfaction of the completion and professionalism of your handling of the task at hand. It was a pleasure doing business with Aftermath, although (no offense) we hope we do not have to call on your services again. If ever needed by any of my colleagues or external partners, I will highly recommend your team.

Lexington, KY
May 28, 2014