Aftermath Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Aftermath believes that our customers deserve the highest quality service – a large part of that is being treated with dignity and respect. Our goal is to relieve you of the emotional and physical burden of cleanup and return your home to a clean, sanitary state. Few companies follow the same rigorous safety and sanitation standards that are the heart of every Aftermath project. We stand by our services with our satisfaction guarantee.

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Aftermath Customer Reviews

Terrence and his Aftermath team provided exceptional service to me through what was a difficult situation with which I was not prepared to handle. I was uncomfortable even entering the building in which the event occurred and his team sensed my discomfort and put me at ease. They handled both my distress and the clean up process with the utmost professionalism. They are exceedingly timely arrival, description of the process, customer uneasiness, the actual clean-up, and administrative out processing. I'm grateful to Terrance, his team, and Aftermath for helping me through this stressful time and am better prepared to move forward as a result of their efforts. Thank you.

Alexandria, VA
July 13, 2016

The kindness, understanding and the service provided by the team from Aftermath was exemplary. From the first call with Chris I felt a welcome relief knowing that I had someone who would support me through this difficult and stressful time. Chris was patient, explaining the process and handling the scheduling, and paperwork and relieving me of the burden of follow up with the insurance company. The technicians, Jeff and Dakota were lovely, spending time to speak with me before they began the process despite knowing that it would take them into the early morning hours. When the job was done, the house was flawless and they again spent time with be simply being kind.

The professionalism and empathy of Chris, Jeff and Dakota was remarkable and I will be forever grateful.

Bloomsbury New Jersey
March 2, 2016

Dear Sirs,

What ever you are paying Ron Rutt and Elisse Sharpe it is not nearly enough. Fine people and an asset to your company. When their part of this process was finished, it was like saying "Goodbye" to friends.
They were a real help and a valuable contribution.


Santa Fe

Santa Fe, NM
March 2, 2016

We would like to thank Aftermath for the wonderful service they provided for our family during our family's hard time. Elizabeth and Mike from the Allentown office did a superb job. They were compassi9onate and very thoughtful. Thank you for making our lives so much easier at this difficult time.

October 22, 2015

John and his crew were absolutely amazing. They are hard workers and very professional. They were kind and patient in explaining everything to us. we are extremely satisfied with our experience with Aftermath during this difficult time.

September 21, 2015

Justin and his team were extremely professional, reliable and detailed. They understood the issues and also provided compassion to the family and residents.

Trumbull, CT
September 9, 2015