Aftermath Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Aftermath believes that our customers deserve the highest quality service – a large part of that is being treated with dignity and respect. Our goal is to relieve you of the emotional and physical burden of cleanup and return your home to a clean, sanitary state. Few companies follow the same rigorous safety and sanitation standards that are the heart of every Aftermath project. We stand by our services with our satisfaction guarantee.

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Aftermath Customer Reviews

Terry Anzaldi and his team did an excellent job cleaning up a repulsive site. Dan Weber was very professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Redondo Beach, CA
April 8, 2015

This team was very sensitive, caring, kind, friendly & professional.  I hope I never need this service but if I do, I want THIS team.

Oakland, CA
April 8, 2015

I recently had the unexpected and shocking experience of finding my sibling deceased in his home. The emotional toll was overwhelming, as was the decision on who to call to help me through such a difficult and terrible tragedy. The interior of the house was in a state of unthinkable devastation and needed immediate expert work to save it. Aftermath was recommended to me by my local police department to handle the monumental task of decontaminating and cleaning the house, and trusting the source, I called them. I will forever be grateful I did.

From day one, Aftermath was there for me, totally prepared to attack the many emergency issues that the state of the house presented. Supervisor Jeff Boland was incredible. He explained clearly and concisely what was involved, the process, the reasons for doing what they did, and the timeframe to complete the job. His crew was unparalleled in its commitment to thoroughness and professionalism. Team member Dakota Veanus was so compassionate, caring and competent that I came to think of her as a friend. Elizabeth Engler and Jennifer Naggy were the other two team members that helped and were so competent in absolutely everything they did. Each one of them went totally above and beyond the call in helping me through a very difficult time.

I had no idea where to start, but they did. The crew started out with the worst, most toxic area of the house and exhaustively and thoroughly began cleaning, documenting everything along the way with hundreds of photographs and detailed notes. They asked me for a list of what I would like them to find, and they found everything for me, and also set aside other things they knew I might want. They were so organized. It would have taken me a year to sort thru what I had to deal with, plus the expense of hiring other workers to do what they did. Aftermath handled all of it.

I gave Dakota the key and she called me and kept me updated on when they arrived and when they left, which was always late in the evening as they had so much to do. I was fortunate to have them for the week, and can honestly say it was actually a comfort to have them there. It’s just not possible for a company to do more for its clients than Aftermath did for me. I am deeply and forever grateful.

Aftermath did absolutely everything possible to make things easier for me. They were unbelievable. I feel as though I was given a gift when I hired Aftermath.

Bucks County, PA
April 7, 2015

Responded very quickly and efficiently, Very easy to work with. Answered all of my questions and made this process so easy.

Mission Viejo, CA
April 6, 2015

Appreciated their quick response on a Saturday evening. They worked on Easter & very much appreciated that also. Very diligent. Thank you.

Celina, OH
April 5, 2015

John Bidwell and his crew of Marines work many hours with excellent results. John would call me every day at the end of work and informed me what had been accomplished that day.

St. Charles, MO
April 3, 2015