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Apocalypse planning with the Map of the Dead.

Its 7 a.m. and you are checking the morning news over a nice cup of coffee. This is when you discover it’s all happening. The infection has begun. The zombies are out there and its time to put your plan into action.

Hopefully you have a plan. , previously mentioned on is powered by our friends at Google, this map finds all the useful locations that you would need to consider in the event of a viral outbreak, which doesn’t just limit itself to zombies. This could be any end of world scenario really.

Just in case you are not quite sure why you would want to know the location of certain things. I have outlined the steps to help make, in conjunction with the map of the dead, a perfect foundation for an escape plan depending on your location and the services around you.

Step 1.

Grocery Store and Convenience Store are the first places you should probably be seeking out. The reasons are obvious. The living needs food to survive.  Make this priority one on your list. Be smart about the things you get. Make sure to look for canned goods and non-perishable food.  Also find food that is easily consumed both with and without a heat source. You may not have fire, but you should always have some food because in this scenario weak equals dead.

Step 2.

Gun Store, liquor store and hardware store are locations you should be visiting as soon as you have food. They provide weapons of all kinds, sanitization methods and fortification materials.

Step 3.

Shopping Mall, Outdoors Store and Police stations are all great places to regroup, grab supplies and make an initial stand. Don’t get caught here, it is important to get yourself and your survival group together and decide on an ultimate destination.

Step 4.

Radio tower and gas stations. By now you are probably running low on fuel and if you are alone, you are probably wondering if there is anyone else out there. A short stop at the gas station where you can fill your vehicle and some jerry cans full of gas will be vital in completing your tasks ahead and reaching your destination.

Step 5.

Hospitals, Doctor, Pharmacy, Dentist are great places to get medications and other things such as morphine and bandages. Keep in mind that if the damage has come from a zombie it might be better to eliminate the situation instead of wasting bandages.  These are also, in order of most dangerous to least dangerous, sometimes not the best places to stay around long. During times of peace they are pillars of health while during the dawn of the dead they are where the infection not only spreads but in some scenario’s is born.

Step 6.

Harbor and airport are both terrific locations to find vehicles for escape. Remember that Zombies and viral outbreaks normally don’t swim and cannot fly 10000 feet. However if you have an infected person aboard there most likely isn’t any thing you can do short of tossing them overboard. Once you reach an island and have confirmed the outbreak has not followed you, you can begin to restart civilization. It’s a good thing you were here. Now humans can live on.

Step 6. (Alternate)

Military, Campground are also considered final destination points because lets face it, sometimes there are just no boats or helicopters / airplanes to be had. With a well-fortified campground or military installation that is properly stocked you should be able to wait out the apocalypse. However, if it was a viral out break this may not be enough to ensure that you outlive the looming dangers.

Cautionary Notes:

Cemetery is a place to stay away from. You have no reason to go here. Its obvious that you should not go to where the dead are buried on the day the dead is rising.

Remember those who fail to plan often plan to fail, and in this case will most likely have their brains consumed by a random zombie or in some more poetic cases a loved one.  Make your plan today.


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