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New Xbox 360 Disc Unsupported

Microsoft is rolling out a new disc format for their Xbox 360 (XGD3) which will provide additional storage and additional levels of copy production. Each console will be updated to support these new formats via Xbox live between May 19 – May 30th.

Unfortunatley not ALL consoles will be as accepting of this changeover. Appearntly a reader on Kotaku contacted them saying that his Xbox 360 60GB Pro from 2009 was unable to play discs after the update. Microsoft has confirmed this via Twitter and has said that “a very small number” of consoles will experience this error. You’ll know you’re one of that minority if you receive a ‘disc unreadable’ or ‘disc unsupported’ error on the screen.

On the bright side Microsoft is willing to replace ANY console that is affected with s nice replacement Xbox 360S (shiny new black console) for free! They are actually able to detect the problem via Xbox Live and will contact you regarding your new Xbox.

So for any of you who have the old POS white version like me, fingers crossed this update screws up your console!

If you experience this problem and don’t receive and update from Microsoft, contact their support at