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Red Faction Origins Review

Red Faction Origins is a made for TV film by Syfy following the Red Faction game series. Released just before the next installment of the game, Origins does not follow the same story. The original game was released in 2001 for Windows PC’s and is most widely known for dawning the new age of destructible environments.

PLOT: Red Faction Origins takes place after the original Red Faction game, confusing? Yes. The story follows Jake Mason, son of Alec Mason the protagonist of the Red Faction game series. Set on Mars and long after Alec’s original alliance with the underground rebel group Red Faction, Alec now has a family. There are 3 factions on Mars, The EDF, Marauders and Colonists. The EDF, years before the time of the film, kill Alec’s wife and captures his daughter, Jake the eldest is able to escape. Emotionally damaged and a drunk Alec is part of the colonists but has no real authority and has been cast as a traitor. His son on the other hand is a lieutenant in the military. Discovering that the EDF still exists, Jake finds another familiar face amongst them, his sister. Determined to return her home Jake tries to convince the Colonists that the Marauders are not the real threat. Meeting Marauder allies along the way Jake and earthborn Tess De La Vega (also a member of the Colonist military) head out on a suicidal mission to save Mars.


ACTING: Robert Patrick (Terminator – T1000) plays Alec Mason and is the only real known actor in the bunch. His onscreen son dwarfs his time on screen and you never really get to see him “act”. It’s unfortunate as I feel like he could have seriously improved the film. Brian J. Smith plays Jake Mason and he does an adequate job. He wont be remembered for this role but it seems like it could be a decent stepping stone to a TV role. Tamzin Merchant plays Lyra Mason (the daughter) and is next to emotionalist. At the beginning this is part of her character but as the story progresses she remains a blank canvas. In all honesty the support characters cast seems to have more acting experience than the main characters. Acting is not this made for TV films strongpoint.

PRESETNATION: Of course with a TV adaptation you’re not going to see big budget CGI, but Red Faction Origins does a great job with what it has. The special effects are believable and comparable to some older yet still acceptable films. The place the movie really drops the ball is the choreographed fight scenes. Boring slow and down right fake is the only way I can describe them.

OVERALL: If you’re a fan of this Red Faction series I suggest you MAYBE check this out if it’s on TV again and you’re already watching. It may be interested for fans (not this one) to see Alec portrayed in live action. Besides that I really can’t recommend this for anybody new to the series. You’ll most likely be confused and if nothing else pretty bored.