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Survival of the Fittest

Once you’ve survived a bit in this post apocalyptic world it may be a good time to start thinking about armor. So if you ever find yourself passing by a museum why not take advantage of it. After you have made sure there are no zombies in the museum make your way to the Middle Ages section.

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Now, once there you’ll have to decide to either wear the armor out or carry it for now. The second question you have to think about is light or heavy armor? A medieval suit of armor is great when you are fighting zombies close up. You’ll be virtually impenetrable. With the chain mail under the armor you can even avoid those nasty scratches and bites. There are still a few things to keep in mind if you choose to get a Medieval Suit of Armour. For one they can weigh up to 60lbs and also limit your mobility. Light armor may be your choice by now, mine too. Good news though if you do end up getting bitten or scratched somehow, you’ll get to be a zombie in a medieval suit of armor! You’ll instantly become a tank zombie. A light medieval suit of armor will do you well in the zombie apocalyptic and perhaps just want you need to outlive them.


If you find that the middle Ages aren’t for you and want to try some other armor, perhaps samurai armor is your choice. Weighing up to 45 to 66lbs depending on what you select. With samurai armor you will definitely have more mobility that a medieval suit of armor. You will be able to fend off several zombies at once, not to mention with a samurai sword! You won’t have the chain mail though so you’ll have to be a bit more careful. If situations get way to bitey you’ll always be able make a run for it with samurai armor. Not only will you be able to run in this armor you will be able to see through more than just a slit across your helmet, which will give you the advantage against those sneaky zombies. If you have always wanted to harness your inner samurai then this is the armor for you.


With a set of Riot control armor in the post apocalypse you will definitely be able to hold your own. If you get your hands on a full suit while surviving well, then things just got a whole lot easier. The armor is made up of 7 pieces: a mask, full sleeve protection, a bulletproof vest, leg and shin guards. Once fully suited you’ll notice you can move quickly and keep safe distance from the zombies. If you do end up fighting zombies in close courters you’ll definitely be ok. They won’t be able to scratch or bite your arms. Allowing you to get away safely. You may not find this set particularly in a museum but is definitely worth the risk if you find some.


The best kind of amour you could get in a zombie apocalypse would have to be S.W.A.T. Unfortunately there is no chain mail with this, but you can keep a safe distance and fight in close combat. It isn’t as heavy as a medieval suit or samurai so you’ll be able to retreat if the situation gets too hairy. With s.w.a.t armor you have speed, protection, and won’t be weighed down. Getting scratched will be a main concern so you’ll have to be careful still. If you’re looking for armor that is not to heavy and has medium protection then this set is definitely for you.

In a zombie apocalypse any armor will help you out, even if it’s made out of garbage can lids. That’s just one extra layer the zombies will have to get through. One extra layer could end up saving your life. So remember to keep this in mind for when you find yourself strolling by a museum during an apocalypse.