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Where will you live when the world ends?

The signs on the street corners tell us the end is nigh. There have been many theories as to what might bring about the coming apocalypse or end of days.  These horrid and bone chilling possibilities of the earth’s final days include the shifting of the North and South Pole, Planet X, solar storms, the ever popular possibility of first contact (the aliens, not that horrendous movie), the more reasonable thoughts of civil unrest or pandemic.

With the earth at a constant end of world scenario what can we do? How can we prepare for the end? Where will we live, what will we eat? There are people who have thought this through. There are people who can help.

Larry Hall, the project manager at has the answers.  The survival condo is a facility that allows you as an individual the ability to buy a full or half floor within a superstructure that will provide an alternative means to obtain power, water, food and air for your family or survival group, come the end of civilization, zombie apocalypse or simple economic starvation.

The structure is based on an acquired Atlas F missile base. These “luxury” missile bases which were build for 18 million each in 1961 were intended to protect people from the communist threat of nuclear annihilation during the cold war.  They had a cabin on land, which leads to a tunnel to the underground part of the home going as deep as 178 feet.

While some of these missile bases are for sale now, the Adironback mountain silo in New York ( ) is an example that you can buy for a paltry $750,000, reduced from 1.4 million and fantastic for all your nuclear winter survival needs.  Of course a purchase like this, is “as is” and doesn’t include cool extras.

Survival Condos have taken this idea to the next level and add great features to these already intensely made super structures and allow the consummate survivalist to buy a half floor or a full floor. The key features include walls that are 2.5 to 9 feet thick, a monolithic Dome Cap, wind turbines, solar panels, generator, hydroponic food sources, aquaculture, military grade security, spa, exercise facility, movie theatre, surgery center, elevator, biometric locks and a digital weather station.  These are all the features of the structure itself. Thinking of getting a half floor or even a full floor? Read on!

The half floor condo suite package goes for the price of $1,000,000USD while the full floor condo suite packages are listed at double that price and both are described as “Much more than just a Survival Condo Unit”. They also include mandatory training, a five-year food supply per person, fully finished interior, computer access to the condo systems as well as private and public internet and special equipment.

The units themselves are comprised of a 900 (half floor) 1820 (full floor) square foot living space, 1-2 (half floor) 3 (full floor) bedrooms. Each unit comes with 1 or 2 bathroom (s) depending on the package and something they refer to as a great room. There is an LED Big Screen TV in every unit, state of the art kitchen with granite countertops and if you buy now, during the construction plan, you can even decide how your room is designed and customize some of the features.

Listed under the “Cool Stuff” category is that the silo / luxury condominium / survival haven will have their own remotely piloted vehicle. The RPV has a wingspan of 6 feet and can fly 100 miles while using its high-resolution visible light and thermal imaging camera system. Oh and also, they have guns. Yes, they have plenty of guns and ammo as well for self-defense purposes.  They also list non-lethal and lethal defense mechanisms but do not go into further detail.

You can access the manuals, blue prints and even a Live Web Cam if you are a paying customer.  So don’t wait until the world ends. Plan ahead, give the people over at survival a condo a call or email them, I am sure its money well spent.

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